How Effective Are Anti Wrinkle Creams? Can One Rely On Them To Treat Wrinkles?

If you consider anti wrinkle creams for treatment of wrinkles, you have the task of knowing which ones work effectively and which ones carries false claims. The fact is many anti wrinkle creams do not work effectively as the manufacturers or sellers claim; they are just in business and they will do everything possible to make a sale anyway. This does not dispute the fact that anti wrinkle creams work; there are those that contain moisturizers, antioxidants and exfoliate that make them work well to give good results.

How do you identify anti wrinkle creams that work?

Look for creams that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients like Vitamin C, peptides, Retinol and Hydroxyl acids (Alpha, Beta and polyhydroxy acids). This is important as antioxidant element in these creams will protect the skin from sun damage. Hydroxyl acids are exfoliates that remove upper layer of dead skin to form new skin. However, this issue poses a challenge as many manufacturers claim the same in their creams so you might need an expert to identify the cream and their ingredient content.

Customer ratings: anti wrinkle creams that work will have positive responses as testimonies from customers who have used them and who are using them. This will tell you that this cream is effective

Medical efficacy: some creams are for fancy and beauty but when looking for anti wrinkle creams, the element of medical treatment comes in. You are actually aiming at treating wrinkles so what is the need of going for creams that will give you just an overnight beauty? So many creams give a short run benefit and in this case they only cover up wrinkles but do not eliminate them.

Proved anti wrinkle creams gives guarantee of desired results and some are even given as offers for trials. This builds confidence that the manufacturer is sure of the working of this cream. Those over the counter anti wrinkle creams that don’t guarantee anything have a doubt of delivering desired results.

With so many creams offered in the market, the challenge of identifying which works and which don’t work arises. Many anti wrinkle creams are offered in the market for the sake of business and they don’t work in treating wrinkles. Very few anti wrinkle creams work effectively.

Of course creams can only go so deep.  To ensure you get to the deepest layer of your skin, I recommend microdermabrasion treatment or IPL laser treatments. Check out LED facials for something new!

4 Reasons to Conduct Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

Buying a new family home requires a huge sum of money, money that you have probably saved up for years. So when you are about to buy one, you must prepare for it thoroughly. You should be 100% sure about the quality and safety of the property that you’re about to buy. In any case, you need a building inspector to help ensure that you will get your money’s worth in the property.

You might think it is not necessary. After all, a house may seem to be fine at first glance. Skipping the inspection report might also speed up your purchase of the property and even save you money.

However, before deciding to forego the services of a building inspector, take a look at these four reasons that make property inspection an obligatory process before you seal the deal.

Investigate the Structural Integrity

A building inspector will make sure that the property is structurally sound. This is not only essential because of cost concerns, but also for safety reasons. A shabby building can easily collapse during intense weather conditions and you or your family may suffer fatal consequences.

Above all, if the building is not according to the standards as set by the municipal committee, you’d have to bear all the costs to make the construction up to mark in the long run. Thus a pre-purchase inspection can save you from all the legal hassles and major financial issues, and even save your lives.

Plan a Budget for Repairs

Knowing all the repairs that need to be done in your new house can help you plan a budget beforehand and save you from emotional and financial breakdown.

A house bought without inspection may have a lot of hidden repair issues that will only appear later on. A building inspection is definitely a life and money-saver.

Check the Wiring and Alarm System

Any fault in the wiring of the house can lead to fatal consequences due to short circuits, electrocution, and even fire. House inspectors not only thoroughly survey the electrical plans of the house but also check the number of fire alarms, thus making your place safe to live.

Identify the Danger Zones

Missing balustrades, minor cracks in the wall, and the presence of toxic chemicals such as asbestos can deem the place unsafe to live. These things can only come to attention if a specialized professional does a pre-purchase inspection.

Given these four important reasons, a property inspection must be done before sealing the deal on that new house for your family.

Benefits of laser hair removal


Unwanted hairs on your body can be irritating make one to be uncomfortable. They take away one’s confidence and hold you back from feeling great of your outside looks. When one think of going to the beach or swimming pool, wearing tank tops or shorts or even jumping into a dating scene, the hair on the body makes him/her feel like ouch! Not comfortable at all.

These are reasons why people decide to get rid of the unwanted hair on their bodies to feel and look best. Several methods are used for hair removal including shaving, waxing, depilatories, electrolysis, and IPL and laser hair removal. Before making a sound decision of which method to go for, one need to critically analyze the pros and cons of each method first. The decision is reached where the pros of a certain method outweighs the cons. In many research and studies carried out, laser hair removal dominates other methods of hair removal and is highly recommended.

The following are benefits of Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is precise: the treatment works while selectively targeting the pigmented areas on the skin burning the hair follicles while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.

Very effective: ever since the laser technology was introduced, ninety percent of patients have experienced permanent hair loss after four to eight treatment sessions with patients approval of it being very safe method.

Faster: the speed is said to be of lightening. Laser pulses take a fraction of a second to treat several hairs in large surface area at the same time. The treatment requires no downtime

Less painful: the pain is described as  feeling like a gentle pinch or the snap of a warm rubber band which compared to other methods like waxing and electrolysis, is no pain.

Smoother and softer skin: shaving causes dryness and flakiness in the skin, waxing and depilating cause in-growing hairs and irritating redness of the skin, laser hair removal does not cause any of these instead, it makes the skin feel refreshed, smooth, softer and silkier.

Confidence in the look: with laser hair removal treatment, it makes you feel great on the inside as it is looking great on the outside giving you confidence especially for women who want a bikini line free of razor bumps.

Side effects: this could be the con of laser hair removal which the weight is not felt. With few itching or swellings that disappears after a few days, major effects such as skin discoloration, burning, blistering and infection are very rare and in fact none if he procedure is administered by the professional.

More convenient: how many times will you be shaving in your life time? After treatments with laser hair removal, you don’t need to shave, wax or pluck again!

FDA approved: laser hair removal treatments bears FDA stamp an approval that is suitable for use. What’s more is that laser hair removal is best for all skin types.

 So if you think of hair removal, think LASER!!

Why The Beauty Industry in Australia Has Embraced IPL Machines

Beauticians, beauty salons and spas in Australia and around the world have embraced IPL technology because of the unmatchable and unique features of IPL machines. Beauty treatments that are performed by other methods could not meet the desired results; which mean customers do not get fully satisfied; customers suffering adverse reactions after treatment, treatments take a lot of time and inefficiency on the part of beautician performing the treatment.

When IPL, which is a state of art technology, was introduced, beauticians and beauty salons realised the consistency and predictable clinical results. Buying IPL machines has also led to beauty salons optimising return on investment as profit has increased. Customers became more satisfied with the treatments using IPL machines as there are minimal reactions.

Talk to any person who has done IPL treatment and you will hear, “yes the treatment is so fast and feels so comfortable because for me I didn’t feel any pain!” of course IPL treatments are fast, non-ablative, comfortable and the results are satisfactory. This is the reason why dermatologists recommend the use of IPL machines in treatments like pigmentation, acne treatments, vascular treatments, permanent hair removal, photo rejuvenation as well as skin tightening.

Advancement in IPL technology called E-Light which is a combination of Radio Frequency (RF) and IPL technology has enhanced IPL system. Most IPL machines come with RF which lowers the temperature and this makes IPL treatments comfortable. Also, since RF doesn’t depend on pigmentation in the hair, it makes IPL hair removal more successful on all hair types including lighter hairs as well.

There are several IPL machines that you can buy for your beauty salon; however, when purchasing IPL machines, ensure that the machine is TGA registered. Different leading producers and manufacturers of IPL machines could have different names for the IPL machines but this is only branding. Leading producers like Lumenis, Ellipse, Global beauty group and Lynton, name IPL machines differently but the good news is that IPL machines are available in the market. You can get IPL machines on EBay, Amazon, Alibaba or local distributors in your city.

If you are operating a beauty salon equipment, investing in IPL machines is a sure thing. From safety, effectiveness, different settings to suit your clients, customer satisfaction to machine life- in short, IPL machines gives you optimal clinical results and financial results with optimal efficiency.